About the Team

Jacob Dodenhoff
Co-Founder & Studio Manager

Born and raised in New Jersey, Jacob has spent his life playing and enjoying video games while working in leadership positions within the Customer Service industry, as well as the Manufacturing and Industrial sectors. From a young age, Jacob was raised to be an actor, and also developed a strong musical inclination. Overtime, his musical palette grew, eventually finding that he enjoyed classical music, as well as instrumental music such as movie scores and Video game soundtracks.

In late 2019, during an effort to break into the field of Voice Acting, he found himself working with a group creating a Not For Profit Halo fan game. A community he was deeply familiar with, he spent the next 2.5 years working this group, eventually realizing that the group had potential to branch out and create their own studio and develop their own IPs. Encouraging his colleagues on, Chaotic Creations Interactive was conceived in early 2021, and incorporated as an official studio in December of that year.

Phoenix Cook
Co-Founder & Studio Lead