Chaotic Creations Interactive

Chaotic Creations interactive is a small game development studio based out of the US.

Over the last 10 years, the gaming industry has shifted its focus from developers crafting games they love for their fans, to focusing on monetizing every aspect they can. With AA and AAA games constantly being developed with P2W or predatory monetization mechanics, players are losing their faith in the industry as a whole. Too often have we seen our favorite franchises go down a path that not only alienates players through predatory MTX tactics, but quite simply disregards the fan base as a whole. We've seen too many IPs or studios go down because of greed. Chaotic Creations Interactive is working on being the change.

First and foremost, our studio is focusing on crafting experiences that we enjoy as developers. In our commitment to creating games we enjoy, we believe our players will enjoy them too. Secondly, we're keeping our players in mind with everything we do.

A phrase we enjoy in-studio is "Player Focused Gaming". There are 3 main pillars of that phrase:

1.) One time purchases.

2.) No predatory monetization tactics.

2.) Reward the player for playing.

Lets expand on these a bit.

1.) One time purchases. It means when you buy the game, that's what you're getting. A complete game with everything that comes with it. No waiting for your favorite game mode or features. What is advertised will be in the game. We hate getting broken, half finished games just as much as you.

2.) No predatory mechanics. This means no FOMO. No expensive limited-time cosmetics that disappear from the shop for another 3 months. It also means no gambling (loot boxes) or charging players for 'energy' to keep playing or anything similar. From a business perspective it's a good way to increase scarcity and earn revenue. But it's not a path we're interested in following.

3.) Reward the player for playing. This is our favorite. We miss games that rewarded the player with cool stuff for doing cool things. So we're doing that. Everything in our game (character skins, weapon skins, emblems, etc.) will be available simply by playing. No tricks, no gimmicks. Just play the game. Sure, we're not gonna make everything too easy. But we hope that the tougher challenges will give you a greater sense of achievement when you finally beat them. We want you to be able to show off an armor set to your friends that you worked your ass off for.

Chaotic Creations Interactive was born out of a desire to make our own games, but is evolving as we're realizing who we are and what we value. And that's the players. And these are our commitments to you.

By gamers, for gamers.

Check back Q4 2022 for more info.

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